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Sunrise Harmony has been writing songs since the 1980s. His songs explore deeper subjects especially related to peace and social justice and spirituality.
Up and Down the Coast (Remastered Outtake) I Follow Love (Acoustic Studio Version) Gypsy Girl (Acoustic Rock Studio Version) Escaping the Limelight (Demo 2022) When All You've Got Is the Music (Demo Remastered 2022) Whispering Wind (Remastered Outtake) Colours of the Circle (Remastered Outtake) Dance With Me All Night (Remastered Outtake)
Aquarian Thunder Productions™

New Releases

We are constantly trying to bring you songs with a deeper meaning

Acoustic Sunrise
(Remastered Outtakes)

This new release is actually made up of older songs from the 1980s and '90s that have been remastered. Enjoy.

Available Worldwide since 14 Feb 2023

Take Me Back Virginia
(Remastered Demo)

This is a song written in 2021. A return to innocence.

Available Worldwide since 8 Dec 2022

She's Living Her Dream
(Acoustic Rock Studio Version)

We know the cover art doesn't match the song. But, hey, it's not always easy.

So, she is actually very happy and her burdens have been lifted.

Anyway, we think it is a wonderful song and we are looking to make a new release with a different cover if/when that possibility comes around.

Available Worldwide since 18 Feb 2023
Newest Release

Gypsy Girl

Acoustic Rock
Gypsy Girl (Acoustic Rock Studio Version)

Take Me Back Virginia (Demo)

A song to bring you back to that old country/Americana feeling.
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It's All Right (Remastered 2020)

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